Hayley Skerry


Hayley has 20 years’ experience under her belt in Property Management and this is reflected in her work. Hayley has amazing foresight and can predict the mishaps that may arise in a tenancy. She has the capabilities to stop these issues before they arise which is rare in today’s industry. Hayley views her role as a Licensed Estate Agent to provide quality service and to achieve the best possible outcome for all her clients.


She has a natural flair for customer service and teamed with her energy and enthusiasm makes her popular with all her clients. Hayley lives in Whittlesea with her husband and 2 daughters. She has a good knowledge of the local and surrounding area as she has lived in Whittlesea all her life.




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Points of Difference


1. Education of Tenants

A successful tenancy relies on the property manager to educate the tenant at the beginning of the lease. Our tenants are also provided with a “guide to renting handbook”, outlining the laws and regulations of a tenancy.

2. Communication

We believe that a successful relationship is based on communication. We make it a priority to keep you informed throughout the entire process.


3. Old School Values & Service

Given our extensive history in Property Management, we haven’t forgotten about old school values and service. Our values mean that our communication with you is personalised. We build a relationship with you. You and your property are not just another number. We care about you and the success of your investment because when you win, we win. We understand the little things do still matter such as greeting you by your name when you call because we have saved your number in our phone, we are always here for a good old chat or “hello”. We treat you like family because we are one.


4. Proactive Approach to Financial Management

We understand the financial commitment that comes with owning an investment and expect your property managers to be on top of income collection. We have zero-tolerance to arrears and have firm procedures in place for any tenants that cannot meet their financial obligations.


5. Landlord Portal

Our landlord portal is a feature that we offer our clients to make their life easier. No longer do you have to wait for those important documents you need straight away. Just another aspect we are giving our clients to give them peace of mind.

Access all the information you require at any time of the day or night. This added feature has been designed to have your documents, statements etc. at your fingertips at just the click of a button.

Visit your landlord portal here and contact your property manager for your login details.


6. Tailored Service

Each owner and property have different needs. Instead of trying to fit your needs into a “one size fits all” property management box – we tailor our service to you. Prefer email – great let’s chat over email! If you would rather talk on the phone – give us a call! If you have a demanding schedule and can only talk after hours on a Tuesday – wonderful, let’s do that!


7. Additional Service

Not only can our sales team assist you with buying and selling property, but we also offer an advocacy service as well. Our sister company Central Mortgage are available to all our clients to assist with helping finance when moving home or looking at a new investment property.


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